ref. Muffler

Mufflers are used in refrigerating systems such as household air conditioners or commercial air conditioners. Mufflers are installed in discharge line or other pipes with vibration and noise to eliminate and alleviate noises.

kommerzielle HVAC Gewerbekälte Wärmepumpe


  • Corrosion resistant: finished with epoxy powder painting
  • Excellent anti-shock and anti-vibration performance with steel or copper casing

General specifications

  • Applicable refrigerant: R22, R410A and R407C
  • Applicable medium temperature: -30ºC~+120ºC (-22°F~+240°F)
  • Applicable ambient temperature: -30ºC~ +55ºC (-22°F~+131°F)
  • Maximum working pressure: 4.8MPa
  • Certification: UL, CSA
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