Newly developed electronic expansion valve SANHUA LPF

Sanhua presents its newly developed electronic expansion valve LPF:LPF for HFC / HFO refrigerants with max pressure 42 bar 

 LPF is specially designed mainly for refrigeration applications with many key features like:


·        With a shut-off function, LPF closes as tightly as a solenoid valve (<1ml/min)  

·        The so-called ‘equal percentage flow curve’ allows LPF to open fast in the case of high load demand and to perform control more accurately under low load conditions.

·        The LPF is equipped with a new coil with protection IP67 class, and the cable length is extended from 1.5 to up to 9 meters to meet remote installation needs. 

        LPF is an ideal replacement of the thermostatic expansion valve with a cooling capacity of up to 30 kW.

·        Compatible with Sanhua controller SEC series

 With the LPF electronic expansion valve, a revolution is coming to the commercial refrigeration industry.

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