SANHUA developed the latest generation of Variable Speed Drives

SANHUA developed the latest generation of Variable Speed Drives

SANHUA has developed its latest generation of Variable Speed Drives, dedicated to hermetic scroll and rotary compressors, which is designed for applications using natural refrigerants such as CO2 (R744) and Propane (R290).

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SD2 Variable Speed Drives have been developed to operate with BLDC refrigeration compressors considering the most critical point such as operating envelop, oil management, temperatures, torque to ensure the best reliability ever with max. efficiency over 95%.

SD2 drives are adapted for Heat pump with heating capacity up to 46kW/compressor* or for refrigeration racks and condensing units used in small stores with a cooling capacity up to 35kW/compressor*.

At Sanhua all our drives are tested with compressors that are selected by our customer in our TÜV certified laboratory. This ensures a perfect match for your application.

SD2 drives used together with our SANHUA Electronic Expansion Valves provides a stable evaporating temperature and reduces compressors short cycles. A stable control allows higher evaporating temperature and lower condensing pressure, these points are key to save energy and possible with SANHUA’s SD2 and EEVs control.

*Based on COP of 3 for cooling and 4 for heating. Heating capacity with the following conditions : Evaporating t°C=-7℃, Condensing t°C=50℃, Subcooling=5K, Superheat=4K. Cooling capacity using the following conditions : -8°C evaporating, +32°C ambient temperature.

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