Residential Inverter Controller

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Residential inverter controller is applicable for controlling room air conditioners including heat pump air conditioning systems, which is the core component of inverter air conditioners.

Technical parameters

  • Features

    High integration design

    • In addition to researching and developing electric control products, we also provide whole set of advanced cooling control solutions and structure design, including control of compressors, electronic expansion valves, defrosting, outside temperature, discharge temperature, overheat protection and rotating speed of outdoor blowers
    • We have laboratories for 10HP mutilple indoor system inlcuding enthalpy difference laboratory, environment & noise combined laboratory, endurance laboratory, EMC laboratory, electric assembly laboratory, thermal shock tester and a large batch of high precision imported testing devices to ensure a good developing quality


    High quality design

    • Mastering core frequency conversion technologies to realize torque compensation control and field weakening, reduce compressor vibration, noise and improve the operation frequency of the compressor
    • Utilizing imported high quality elements for important components (MITSUBISHI IPM, FairChild IPM, NEC chips and TOSHIBA chips etc.)
    • Control techniques with multiple solutions to meeet various needs of the customers
  • Technical parameters
    Project / Nominal Refrigerating Capacity 1HP 1.5HP 2HP 3HP 4HP 5HP
    Voltage 220V±25%
    Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
    Frequency conversion range Passive PFC 15-85Hz/Active PFC 15-120Hz
    Power factor Passive PFC?0.85~0.90 Part PFC?0.95~0.98 Whole range PFC?0.97~0.997
    Construction One-unit design/Split design Split design
    Allowed ambient temperature -15ºC ~ +55ºC -15ºC ~ +55ºC
    Compressor actuating method 150° wide-angle actuating/Sine wave actuating Sine wave actuating
    Outdoor blower DC blower/AC blower
    Throttle mode Electronic expansion valve/capillary tubes
    Actuating compressor GMCC, Panasonic, Hitachi, Sanyo, MITSUBISHI etc.
    Certification 3CCEETLTUV(including EMC?
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