Inverter Controller for Large System

Electronic Controls Inverter Controller for Large System

Inverter controller for large System is mainly used to control whole electric control systems such in outdoor unit as commercial or multiple inverter air conditioners. They not only realize frequency conversion control over DC converter compressor, but also control all kinds of electric parts such as outdoor blowers, electronic expansion valves and solenoid valves, greatly improving the efficiency of the whole system.

Technical parameters

  • Features
    • Utilizing active frequency conversion technology for the whole process with a power factor above 98.5%, applicable for a wider range of voltage
    • Using DC frequency conversion 180° sine wave actuating technology, increasing torque compensation, more intelligent control
    • Available with circuit controlled by electronic expansion valve to better bring whole efficiency of the system into full play
    • DC frequency conversion blower can be equipped to improve the system efficiency
    • Passing EMC tests with the whole frequency meeting national and relevant export standards
  • General specifications
    • Applicable voltage: single phase 220V±25%
    • Frequency conversion range: 15~120Hz
    • Temperature control accuracy: ±1°
    • Specifications of controllers: 1-with-4, 1-with-3, 1-with-2 and 1-with-1 (max. 5HP)
    • Compatible indoor units: wall mounted air conditioners, cabinet air conditioners, ceiling air conditioners and duct type air conditioners
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