Electronic Expansion Valve Controller SEC60X series

Electronic Expansion Valve Electronic Expansion Valve Controller SEC60X series

Technical parameters

  • Features
    • Advanced PID algorithm to ensure accurate automatic adjustment of superheat
    • Quick-Safe prevention of low and high superheat to ensure the system operating well at any conditions
    • Small size, rail mounting design, easy to install
    • Energy efficient, achieving the most efficient use of the evaporator.
  • General Specifications
    • Applicable for various refrigerants
    • Operating temperature:-10~50℃
    • Storage temperature:-20~60℃
    • Relative humidity:≤90%RH
    • Certification:CE Declaration according to EMC
    • Installation method:DIN rail snap-in or wall mounting with screws
  • Electrical Parameters
    • Power supply: 24Vac/24Vdc (+10%/-15%, 50/60Hz)
    • Requested transformer: ≥ 30VA
    • Inputs:
      - Pressure sensor input
      - Temperature sensor input
      - Communication input (RS485 Modbus)
    • Output:
      - Auxiliary relay ouput (30Vdc/5A)
      - EEV output (12V DC±10%), rectangular wave
  • Technical Parameters
    Model Pressure Sensor RS485 port Refrigerant type Application
    SEC601-00 0.5-3.5V No R22, R410A, R1234ze, R1234yf, R290, R404A, R407C, R134a A/C & HP
    SEC601-R4 0.5-3.5V Yes
    SEC602-R4 4-20mA Yes
    SEC605-00 0.5-3.5V No R404A, R407A, R407F, R448A/R449A, R290, R452A, R744, R134a Refrigeration
    SEC605-R4 0.5-3.5V Yes
    SEC606-R4 4-20mA Yes
  • Ordering Method
    No. item Model Part number Details
    item Qty.
    1 Controller Package SEC601-00 SEC605-00 10680000102 10680000902 EEV controller (Basic model) 1
    Package TP-00 1
    SEC601-R4 SEC605-R4 10680000202 10680000702 EEV controller (With RS485) 1
    Package TP-R4 1
    SEC602-R4 SEC606-R4 10680000402 10680000802 EEV controller (current model with RS485) 1
    Package TP-C5 1
    2 Temperature sensor + cable Package TP-00 20680000702 2m Temp. Sensor×1; Cable 2pin×1 Cable 3pin×1; Cable 4pin×1
    3 TP-R4 20680000802 2m Temp. Sensor×1; Cable 2pin×2 Cable 3pin×1; Cable 4pin×1
    4 TP-C5 20680000902 5m Temp. Sensor×1; Cable 2pin×2 Cable 3pin×1; Cable 4pin×1
    5 TP-C9 20680001002 9m Temp. Sensor×1; Cable 2pin×2 Cable 3pin×1; Cable 4pin×1
    6 Pressure Sensor YCQB02H01-1 10185001502 Connection Solder Cable Length 2m
    7 YCQB02L12-1 10185015502 Thread 2m
    8 YCQB02H18-1 10185015402 Solder 4.9m
    9 YCQB02L28-1 10185015602 Thread 4.9m
    10 YCQC02L18 10185017102 Packard /
    11 Packard cable YCQB02-013054 20185016702 Packard cable for YCQC02L18 6m
    12 YCQB02-013055 20185016802 9m
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