Receiver V Series

Receiver V Series

ref. Receiver V Series

V series receiver are usually installed on high pressure liquid line of refrigeration systems to store excessive refrigerant when the load of the system changes

Climatización comercial Refrigeración comercial Bomba de calor


  • The inlet is use solder connection and outlet uses thread connection
  • Internal flow-out is realized by suction tube

General specifications

  • Applicable refrigerant: R22, R134a, R407C and R410A etc.
  • Applicable medium temperature: -30ºC~+120ºC (-22°F~+240°F)
  • Applicable ambient temperature: -35ºC~ +60ºC (-22°F~+131°F)
  • Maximum working pressure: 3.5MPa
  • Certification: UL, PED
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