SANHUA DTG-M02 series 1.5 in3 filter drier

SANHUA DTG-M02 series 1.5 in3 filter drier

ref. DS-DTGM02-R1812

DTG-M02 series 1.5in3 filter drier are mainly used for light commercial refrigeration applications, with unidirectional flow to absorb moisture and filter out the impurities.  


  • Stainless steel housing with high-strength
  • Housing surface adopts adsorption principle to form a nano-solid film to anti-rust, survives more than 1500 hours of neutral salt spray test.
  • Solid filer cores, highly efficient in moisture absorption, filtering impurity.
  • Compact design, meeting the strict 150g system limits for flammable refrigerants such as R290.

General Specifications

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