FDF Flange Series Solenoid Valve

FDF Flange Series Solenoid Valve

ref. FDF Flange Series Solenoid Valve

FDF series solenoid valves are used in the new compressor system developed by Copeland, which uses a flange to connect the compressor. It is available in high ambient temperature and medium temperature with long service life.

Climatización comercial Refrigeración comercial Bomba de calor


  • Low temperature rise of the coil, low energy consumption and reliable;
  • Long service life, up to 35,000,000 times;

General specifications

  • Applicable refrigerant: R22, R134a, R404A, R407A, R407C and R507 etc.;
  • Applicable medium temperature: +10??+146? (non-persistent);
  • Applicable ambient temperature: -30??+60??
  • Relative humidity: below 95% RH
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