Did you know how do we protect our environment?

Did you know how do we protect our environment?

The HVAC&R industry plays a crucial role in the global mission to save energy and reduce emissions. We're proud to contribute to reducing our carbon footprint. Discover more about the impact of our sustainable initiatives! 

By reducing over 10,000 tons of carbon emissions yearly, the Industrial Park of SANHUA Commercial is making significant efforts in environmental sustainability.  Additionally, achieving a saving over 30% in air compressor energy consumption was the result of efforts and transformation within Sanhua's Power Equipment Department, enabling a more intelligent control of the compressors. 


A massive solar photovoltaic system and energy storage systems with a total capacity of 4MW have been installed in the Sanhua industrial area and the power produced in this way accounts for about 1/3 of the total electricity consumption. Part of the power generated by solar photovoltaic system is stored into the energy storage system and discharged during the peak consumption periods.  Energy storage power stations allow us to charge and discharge twice per day. Our ecological goal is to save energy!

Did you know? At Sanhua, we're committed to sustainability in every aspect! Our employees, when going to work, can drive with Sanhua shuttle electrical eco-friendly buses, and we actively encourage carpooling for those who choose to drive. Together, we're reducing our carbon footprint and making a positive impact on the environment.

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