Sanhua's Range of Environmentally Conscious Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Sanhua's Range of Environmentally Conscious Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

Sanhua brazed plate heat exchangers have been thoroughly designed with great consideration for our environment and raw material resources. The heat exchangers are designed and adapted to give the best possible heat transfer efficiency and are among the best in the class. This results in an efficient utilization of materials, and reduction of raw material use.

Technical Information

Sanhua new range of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers offers a wide range of solutions for the refrigeration and heat pump industry. Right from the design stage of the heat exchanger, these important points have been considered. 

The future together with Sanhua has a lot to offer:

  • ·        Environmental Considerations in Design
  • ·        Efficient Heat Transfer and Material Utilization
  • ·        Reduced Energy Consumption and Lightweight Design
  • ·        Unique Distribution System for Higher Efficiency
  • ·        Application in Reversible Heat Pumps
  • ·        Energy-Efficient Performance

For system builders, the benefits are evident: lighter machinery with enhanced efficiency, resulting in lower energy consumption for end consumers.  The design of the heat exchanger also takes into account pressure losses on the hydraulic side, which is why asymmetric design is used. This means that the system builders can use less energy-demanding pumps and the end users get a more energy-efficient product. The heat exchangers are designed with a unique distribution system which also contributes to less use of material and higher efficient performance.

Sanhua range of heat exchangers specially designed for reversable heat pumps also contribute to a simplified design and logistic. The heat exchangers are used both as Evaporator and Condenser offering savings and simplification for system builders. In the end these savings also contribute to overall cost savings.

The heat exchangers are also manufactured in an energy-efficient production that utilizes environmentally friendly energy as far as is currently possible. Sanhua works continuously to develop new and more efficient heat exchangers with consideration for the environment and energy consumption. 

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