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CO2 Check valve – BCV Series

ref. CO2 Check valve – BCV Series

BCV series of check valves are designed for installation in transcritical CO2 refrigeration system and HPWH systems. They are used to ensure correct flow direction of refrigerant so as to prevent backflow.

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  • This valve the only correct flow direction
  • Stainless steel valve body and thick brass connection tube - high strength, can meet the 14MPa MOP requeriment
  • Furnace welding and laser welding process for high welding quality - ensure reliable air tightness in high pressure system

General specification

  • Applicable for R744 (CO2)
  • Medium temperature TS min./max.: -50ºC/140ºC
  • Max. operating pressure PS: 14MPa (140bar)
  • Installation position:
    • Flow direction corresponds to the arrow
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