4 Way Reversing Valve series G

Customized products 4 Way Reversing Valve series G

SHF (G) series four-way valves are especially applicable for heat pump systems including high-end and highefficient unitary and room air conditioners to realize switching between cooling mode and heating mode by changing the flow path of refrigerant.

Technical parameters

  • Features
    • Power saving: nearly zero energy consumption with bi-stable coils
    • Energy saving: stainless steel used for main parts, low heat loss with reduction of precious metals which reduces energy consumption
    • Excellent anti-vibration performance: the pilot valve has good anti-system abnormal recoil ability and action performance which is welded securely to the main valve
    • Excellent action performance at low temperature: optimized design of main valve parts
    • Only applicable for DC or bi-stable control, not for AC control.
  • General specifications
    • Applicable refrigerant: R22, R407C, R410A etc.
    • Applicable medium temperature: -30ºC ~ +120ºC
    • Applicable ambient temperature: -30ºC~+50ºC
    • Relative humidity: below 95% RH
  • Electrical parameters of coil
    Type Classification: Rated Voltage V Frequency Hz Power W
    Coils with Lead Wires SHF-4-10L Series AC220~240,AC200,AC100,AC110~120,AC24,AC265~277 50/60 4.5/3.5
    SHF-4-10W Series AC220,AC220~240,AC100 50/60 6/5
    AC200 50/60 7/5
    DC35 / 7
    Coil with Spade Connection SHF-4-10FA Series AC220~240,AC220,AC115,120,AC100-110,AC24,AC265,277,AC200 50/60 6/5
    DC12 / 10
    DC24 / 11
    Bistable Coils XZB Series AC100,AC200 50/60 18
    DC12 / 20
  • Dimensions

    4 Way Reversing Valve series G

    Model Dimensions mm Connection Size/Connection Depth mm
    L A B C D E F D Tube E/S/C Tube
    SHF(G)-4H-23U 92 43 50 62 105 43 12 8.1/8.5 9.65/9.5
    SHF(G)-7H-34U 113.6 51 59 71 119 52 16 9.65/9.5 12.8/9.5
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