Stainless Steel Piping Assembly for Air Conditioners GGJ Series

Customized products Stainless Steel Piping Assembly for Air Conditioners GGJ Series

GGJ series stainless steel piping assembly is applicable for refrigerating system such as central air conditioners to provide flow path for refrigerant.

Technical parameters

  • Features
    • Connect evaporator components of air conditioning systems to provide path for flow in and out of the refrigerant, so as to realize cooling and heating functions of air conditioners
    • Utilizing stainless steel materials, no need for rust prevention both inside and outside
    • Processed by welding with gas protection for good consistency, greatly reducing impurities in the product
    • All have been tested against air tightness, ensuring no product leakage upon delivery
  • General specifications
    • Applicable refrigerant: R22, R407C, R410a,etc.
    • Applicable medium temperature: -30ºC~+120ºC
    • Maximum working pressure: R22, R407C: 3.0MPa
      R410A: 4.2MPa
  • Technical parameters
    item Refrigerant Standard
    Salt Spray test R22 ?1000h
  • Dimensions

    Due to the particularity of pipe components, the installation position, product structure and connection size required by different customers differs, even those required by different model of products of one customer differs. Therefore, product structure and interface size are varied subject to the specific customer and product model.