ACR SHOW - visit us at Stand C16

ACR SHOW - visit us at Stand C16

Sanhua gives you a new dimension with new solutions for OEM and Installers like new innovative coil for the MDF solenoid valves, which can, because of its clever design, be installed in a matter of seconds.

New Electronic Expansion Valve Controllers will be shown as well as new range of solenoid valves, 4-way reversing valves and electronic expansion valves, pressure sensors and much more. These components are suitable for HFC (fluorinated hydrocarbons) refrigerants, CO2 and, most of all, flammable fluids such as R290 (Propane).

Don’t miss MCHE-microchannel heat exchangers as an evaporators and condensers in its various sizes and forms.

SANHUA Micro-Channel Heat Exchanger is a finalist in Refrigeration Product of the Year - ACR Awards

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