Electronic Expansion Valve Series VPF

Electronic Expansion Valve Series VPF

VPF series electronic expansion valves are designed for commercial and industrial applications. Typical VPF applications are air conditioning and refrigeration systems or heat pumps. The valve controls the automatic adjustment of refrigerant flow rate and makes the system work under optimized conditions for the purpose of fast cooling or heating, precise temperature control and energy saving. The valve can also be used e.g. for suction line pressure controls. These valves provide bidirectional operation to control the refrigerant flow rate in heating or cooling mode.

Technical parameters

  • Features
    • Energy saving thanks to veryprecise capacity control: Up to 3800 steps
    • Internal Tightness like a solenoid valve
    • Optimized flow path design for noise reduction
    • Applicable for reversible systems like heat pumps: bidirectional flow
    • Corrosion resistant design, long lifetime, high realiability
    • Compact design
    • Models with integrated sight glass are available
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