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Also, Sanhua presents new solution for commercial refrigeration applications: SEC series is a revolutionary controller for SANHUA LPF and DPF electronic expansion valves. 

New Pressure controls Series PS01/50/15 have been certified according to PED IV/EN12263 directive

Reliable Mechanical and Electrical Design of Sanhua pressure controls - applicable for all common HCFC, non-flammable HFC and HFO refrigerants such as: R134a, R404A/R507, R407C, R22, R407A/F, R448A/449A, R452A, R513A, R450A

For R744/CO2, Sanhua offers a range of components like filters and ball valves for sub-critical applications (CBV up to 60 bar) and trans-critical applications (CBVT up to 140 bar). In this regard, Sanhua CO2 valve is made in two versions:

Version with Bi-metal connections – easy and fast brazing for systems with K65 piping

Version with Stainless-Steel Butt-Welding connections – suitable for systems with stainless steel piping

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