SIFA 2023: Sanhua presented numerous new and innovative solutions

SIFA 2023: Sanhua presented numerous new and innovative solutions

At SIFA 2023, Sanhua presented numerous new and innovative solutions for OEMs, installers, and products designed for the following applications:

Solutions for the Refrigeration and Food Retail Sectors:


Sanhua introduced the PEV series - pulse expansion valves, specifically designed for use in refrigeration systems to precisely control the flow of refrigerant into the evaporator. The PEV series valves feature a solenoid valve structure, allowing flow regulation through pulse width control, ensuring highly accurate and responsive flow control. One of the standout features of the PEV series is its 90-bar design pressure, enabling reliable operation in high-pressure systems such as R744 transcritical refrigeration systems. With its broad capacity range and low-noise operation, the PEV series is an excellent choice for grocery stores, convenience stores, super- and hypermarkets. The specially designed coils result in low energy consumption (7W at AC220~230V/50Hz), leading to reduced energy costs.


SEC HD - Electric Expansion Valve Controller Heavy Duty Series:


SANHUA proudly announces the launch of our latest innovation in refrigeration technology - the SEC HD - Electric Expansion Valve Controller Heavy Duty Series. This represents a significant upgrade to our SEC6x family of controllers. The SEC HD controller enables a 30% faster pull-down time while also providing a 15% energy savings. Designed to deliver world-class superheat control performance, the SEC HD controller can be installed inside cold storage rooms, making it the perfect solution for those in the refrigeration industry seeking greater control and efficiency. Its high-water resistance, low-temperature resistance, and accurate superheat control make it the ideal choice for those in the refrigeration industry looking to enhance system efficiency and control.


New SANHUA Refrigerated Cabinet Controller SEC R03 Series:


The SEC R03 series cabinet controller, equipped with MD remote display, is tailored for food retail display cabinets. It offers advantages in terms of efficiency, competitiveness, and the reliability of your refrigeration cabinet with easy installation. The controller manages various functions, including cabinet temperature, defrosting, fan operation, lighting, and defogging alarms, making it capable of handling the control needs of the entire freezer.


Heat Pump Applications for OEM:


We provide a complete range of products, including Uni-polar EEV + Driver, four-way valves, gas detectors, MCHE & BPHE, Mini Pressure Switches, Compressor Inverters, and Pressure Sensors.


SANHUA has developed the latest generation of inverters SD2, compatible with scroll and rotary technologies, which support flammable refrigerants, including A2L and A3 types, for HVAC-R applications. 

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