R774 reversing valve SHF, OPTIFLOW bi-system heat exchanger, EBV motorized ball valve and REVO cabinet controller won Innovative Product Awards in this exhibition. Sanhua is one of the companies winning the most awards and it shows Sanhua’s new strength in innovation. 

SHF-G is a brand-new four-way valve and has a completely different internal and switching method. It incorporates several innovative ideas. New CO2 four-way valve will inevitably catalyse the popularization of the CO2 in heat pump systems.

OPTIFLOW combines two heat exchangers one. In systems that required two sets of heat exchangers in the past, right now only one set of OPTIFLOW heat exchangers can meet its heat exchange requirements.

SEC-REVO series cabinet controller (with MD remote display), focusing on the application in food retail display cabinets.

Awarded products are coming soon to the market.

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