RFKH with optimized design. Find out what's new!

RFKH with optimized design. Find out what's new!

We have changed the design to optimize the product structure and performance. The new generation RFKH platform has been optimized maintaining piping connections with no installation impact as below:   

Valve body -  Compact design leads to smaller installation space. Connection size and position remains the same, so it can be quickly switched between new and old series. 

Superheat Adjustment end  - Deep into the valve body, screwdriver is easier to locate making it more difficult to slip out when adjusting. 

Installation part Structure optimization and upgrade, results in time saving during installation - more convenient, reliable, and easy to adjust. 

Orifice The same performance as last generation (same cooling capacity) allows you to direct switching between new and old series.  

Read more in the updated RFHK datasheet

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