SANHUA releases cost-effective ‘plug n play’ EEV+Driver solution

SANHUA releases cost-effective ‘plug n play’ EEV+Driver solution

OEMs manufacturing CO2-based solutions for commercial refrigeration and HVAC applications can now take advantage of a new cost-effective EEV solution from SANHUA that is ready-to-use straight from the boxes. Complete with new SANHUA VSD technology, the new solution provides compatibility with selected third-party case controllers.  

The solution comprises the new SANHUA VSD2010P driver and the company’s LPF-D series unipolar stepper motor EEV (electronic expansion valve). SANHUA’s innovative LPF-D EEV (500 steps) ensures reliable solutions for CO2 installations with design pressures up to 60 bar. Notably, the driver features an integrated supercapacitor and simply use the 0-10 VDC output signal from the superheat controller to drive the VSD2010P.


R744 is a popular use as a replacement for R134a and R404A in ultra-low, low and medium temperature refrigeration applications. SANHUA’s innovative new solution can help simplify the transition process thanks to its ‘plug n play’ functionality.


Ultimately, it is now possible to maximise the benefits of common case controllers with smooth and precise stepper EEV technology from SANHUA in a cost-effective and convenient way.


SANHUA’s offer for CO2 includes a wide range of components for sub-critical and trans-critical applications, including pressure transmitters, ball valves, check valves and more. The company is the world’s biggest EEV manufacturer, supplying more than 40 million EEVs to the refrigeration, automotive, heat pump and AC industries every year. SANHUA customers can rely on adaptive production capacity, continuous deliveries and stock availability.


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